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Comprehensive Eyecare

Our goal is to provide all patients with comprehensive care that preserves eye health and enhances vision for a better quality of life.

Our doctors provide a thorough examination of the health of your eyes. This includes fine tuning your glasses prescription, assessing your focusing system and eye muscle mobility, color vision testing, and measuring your intraocular pressure. Our doctors provide a complete evaluation the the lids and front surface of the eye, lens, and the retina, which contains blood vessels, the optic nerve and macula. All of these components are an integral part of preserving your eye health and enhancing your vision!

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our doctors are well trained in diagnosing, managing, and treating conditions of the front surface of the eye including chronic dry eye syndrome, irritation from allergies and contact lenses, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and keratoconus. They are able to removal foreign body materials such as metals, plastics, and dirt. Our doctors will check for cataract formation and are also well trained in diagnosing and treating conditions of the retina which include glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, and retinal holes, tears, and detachments. Along with the dilation and retinal evaluation, they use state-of-the-art cameras and scans to help preserve your eye health and monitor for disease.

Contact Lenses

For those patients who are contact lens wearers or interested in wearing contact lenses, we offer corneal analysis and contact lens fitting and evaluation. Contact lenses are a medical device that can truly enhance your quality of life. Our doctors will fit you in the latest lens technology and ensure a comfortable fit with great vision. Not sure whether you are a good candidate for contacts? Do you have an eye condition that may benefit from wearing contacts? Ask our doctors about your options!

Vision Therapy

Sometimes patients, especially kids, have difficulties with eye movements and focusing that aren’t corrected by glasses. Our doctors may perform additional testing and evaluation of your visual system and recommend vision therapy to help improve visual comfort and performance.

LASIK and Cataract Consultation

Our doctors work with local ophthalmologists for LASIK and cataract consultations. We provide pre- and post-operative care and will provide continued communication with your eye surgeon throughout the process.